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If you have a newborn with ears folded lengthwise you can put their ears in sponge rollers for a day or two. It usually takes the crease right out. This works with creased ears and may not work with tightly folded ears, which are considered a genetic fault.

item15aCurled up tips on ears can be corrected by gluing a nickel with livestock glue or Super-glue to the kids ear tip. We glue on the underside which weighs the ear tips down.

For ear tips that are folded up and connected with tissue to the ear you need to gently but firmly pull the tip away from the ear. It will cause tearing of the tissue but this must be done if you want the ear tips to hang naturally. Keep antibiotic ointment on the tear and glue a nickel to the underside of the ear tip to keep the tip from folding back and connecting back.

Pat Cotten 2009


If you are a meat goat producer or a hobby breeder you will find times when you need to milk your goats. Generally those times will be when the goat is under stress and with their not being trained to be milked you will find yourself in a major struggle ………… from the goat jumping around, kicking at your hand, stepping in the bucket you are trying to milk into, etc.

I had heard of several hand milking pumps but the prices were prohibitive to my trying them out. They were one of those costlier investments that you could easily move to the bottom of your “want list”. It wasn’t until I was struggling with an uncooperative doe that I would find myself regretting once again for not ordering one.

One day a fellow goat producer shared a source for a much cheaper version of the hand milkers and after viewing the product on-line I realized I had the materials on hand to make one myself. It was wonderful. The wildest doe, one that had to be cornered and run into a trap to catch would actual stand calmly and let me use one of these milkers on her. We moved her to a small pen and I was able to walk out and milk the doe without having to tie her up or have someone assist me by holding her. No food rewards……nothing, just the relief of having her milk removed twice day and she was happy to see me coming.

item5aYou need a 12.5cc auto-syringe that doesn’t have the bottle mount on top, tubing that comes with the syringe as well as a 30 or 60 cc irrigation tip syringe. Put the irrigation tip into one end of the tubing and connect the other end of the tubing to the auto-syringe. Wipe the teat with an antibacterial wipe, express a little milk from the teat to make sure there are no clots, blood or stringiness.

item6aSet the dial on the auto-syringe to 12.5 cc’s, dip the open end of the irrigation syringe in clean water, place the syringe end over the teat and start pumping. The suction will form a vacuum on the teat end and hold it secure on the teat. Pump until the milk flow stops. Gently press your thumb on the teat above the syringe and break the suction. It is as simple as that.

I was fortunate to find a source for these auto-syringes along with the tubing and irrigation syringes at a cost cheaper than any others “hand milkers” on the market. If interested in ordering one of these along with instructions on use, and cleaning e-mail me at: btr@cyberback.com

To order your “Handy Milker” with your choice of 30 cc or 60 cc irrigation syringe, send $32.50 via Money Order or Cashiers Check to:

Pat Cotten
32 Tybo Lane
Damascus, AR 72039


This includes shipping. If you want insurance add $5.00 to the price. Additional irrigation syringes are $2.50 each. I have a limited number of these available. If I get enough orders I may be able to acquire more but for now the first 15 orders placed will get these I currently have on hand. Be sure to E-mail me to make sure to reserve yours before sending the monies.

© Pat Cotten

A small sampling of the lovely Myotonic kids born this Spring/Summer at
Bending Tree Ranch
Please visit our website for a listing of Myotonic kids available
for purchasing.

BendingTree Ranch TexMaster Goats
BendingTree Ranch TexMaster Goats

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