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A feral goat is a mixed-breed animal that has evolved in the wild with minimal to no human intervention and has adapted to its specific environment. That adaptation is NOT transferable to a new location, despite widespread popular belief otherwise. Every time an animal is moved, it must re-adapt to its new location, bacteria, viruses, and other organisms. So-called "spanish" goats in western parts of the USA and "brush" goats in the southeastern parts of the United States are examples of feral goats.

Feral goats are neither large nor meaty. They adapted to the food supply in their area. They don't have the luxury of extra nutrition that will permit them to put on weight. They are in survival mode. When plant materials are plentiful, they reproduce and thrive. When food is scarce, starvation and predation kill many. They've been naturally selected for small size because a feral animal must be able to live on minimal amounts of food. There is a survival level of nutrition, but growth and muscling require better input.

Starting in 1990, my vision of goat raising has always been to produce an improved (meatier) animal that is managed with an economically-sound level of nutritional input. That means that sufficient amounts of land over which they can roam is essential. I don't intend for my goats to be placed into feral conditions without any supplementation or care. That isn't what happens with improved breeds of cattle or other species. You can't raise a better animal without some level of management and nutritional input.

Goat raisers need to re-evaluate their understanding of and attitude towards goats as a meat source. Putting goats into the brush or woods and rounding up those who survived starvation, predation, and winter conditions is not a business model tailored for profit. The only way this ever remotely worked in the USA was when wool sheep and hair (Angora) goats were run on native pasture and their fiber was harvested and sold to the U.S. Government under a so-called "incentive" program offering fixed prices. This isn't market-based free enterprise but rather taxpayer-subsidized price supports also known as WELFARE.

Truthfully there has never been a viable meat-goat industry in the USA. No one I know of raises meat goats as their primary source of income. I want to see that happen. Forty percent (40%) of the goat meat in this country is imported frozen from Australia and New Zealand. The American market is open for the taking by some entrepreneurial goat raiser. See the July 2017 issue of MeatGoatMania to read the lead article entitled Making Money Raising Meat Goats.

Suzanne W. Gasparotto, Onion Creek Ranch, Texas 9/10/17

Consultation & Evaluation Services for Hire

I've decided to expand my business to include consultation & evaluation services for people who are either thinking about raising meat goats or are currently raising them and want to improve their operations

Please contact Suzanne W. Gasparotto at 324-344-5775 or email at


All fullblood Tennessee Meat Goats™ are Myotonic, but few Myotonics can qualify to be called Tennessee Meat Goats™.

Suzanne Gasparotto selected and trademarked the name Tennessee Meat Goat™ in the early 1990's to describe those goats of the Myotonic breed developed at Onion Creek Ranch that are both heavily muscled and large framed. To be a certified authentic fullblood Tennessee Meat Goat™, the goat must conform to the size and muscling criteria that she established, come from Onion Creek Ranch pedigreed lineage, and must be visually inspected and certified as Tennessee Meat Goats™ by a representative of Onion Creek Ranch.

Most Myotonic goats are small to medium-sized and seldom achieve more than 100 pounds mature weight. Some are muscled, but many of them are not. Many are pet-quality and not intended for meat production. In contrast, Tennessee Meat Goats™ are the result of selective breeding and heavy culling of large-framed, heavily-muscled fullblood Myotonic goats. Linebreeding is never utilized, because linebreeding results in the loss of both meat and hardiness. Only those animals who meet the criteria developed at Onion Creek Ranch will ever be called Tennessee Meat Goats™. Tennessee Meat Goats™ may be registered through Pedigree International in Humansville, Missouri. For additional information about Pedigree International, visit their website.

Onion Creek Ranch offers heavily-muscled, excellent conformation breeding stock goats for whom rapid weight gain is the norm at affordable prices. Our fullblood Tennessee Meat Goats™ have a substantial role to play in improving the American and international meat-goat industries.

There are two places to buy authentic Tennessee Meat Goats™ in the USA. Suzanne Gasparotto at Onion Creek Ranch in Texas and Pat Cotten at Bending Tree Ranch in Arkansas. Suzanne and Pat are equally knowledgeable about these fine animals.

Shipping is available at the buyer's expense. Air freight is seldom an option, but overland transport is offered by several livestock haulers, including Randy and Cindy Dusek in Texas. The Dusek family makes multiple cross-country trips each year and may be contacted directly for pricing and trip scheduling. They are an independent hauler who take really good care of the animals and who is not affiliated with Onion Creek Ranch. For information and pricing on Tennessee Meat Goats™, contact Suzanne W. Gasparotto at Onion Creek Ranch in Texas at 325-344-5775 or Pat Cotten at Bending Tree Ranch in Arkansas at 501-581-5700.

If it has MEAT on it, it has MYOTONIC in it.

The Ranch is FOR SALE!

Onion Creek Ranch™ WILL CONTINUE breeding superior meat goat genetics and holding GoatCamp™ annually but we are ready for another move. The current ranch property is for sale.

On 271 acres in McCulloch County near Lohn north of Brady, Texas sits a breeders paradise. This fully developed ranch is divided into over 30 traps and pastures, the largest of which is 24 acres. All pastures connect to the working pens via lanes for easy working of the livestock. Each pasture has a metal loafing shed numbered by pasture. Each pen and pasture is watered by Miraco automatic-fill water troughs fed from the Hickory Aquifer well located in the center of the ranch. The Hickory well is 2800 feet deep and rated for 100 GPM. There are three other wells on the ranch. A 40 KW diesel generator automatically provides electricity when there is a power failure and cuts off when power returns.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND PHOTOS visit the Realtor's site. The first link is photos, the second is a link to the listing.

The video is available for your viewing pleasure at

BendingTree Ranch TexMaster Goats

2017 Myotonic or TMG "prospect" buck kids available.


Abby boy

Cat boy


Dominga boy


Magic boy

Breeding age Myotonics, TMG’s, TexMasters™ as well as nice commercial crosses available year round. Contact us for your breeding stock needs.

Pat Cotten 501-581-5700
Bending Tree Ranch located near Greenbrier, Arkansas

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