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Goat Camp™ 2015

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Goat Camp™ 2015
Oct 26-29, 2015
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All fullblood Tennessee Meat Goats™ are Myotonic, but few Myotonics can qualify to be called Tennessee Meat Goats™.

Suzanne Gasparotto selected and trademarked the name Tennessee Meat Goat™ in the early 1990's to describe those goats of the Myotonic breed developed at Onion Creek Ranch that are both heavily muscled and large framed. To be a certified authentic fullblood Tennessee Meat Goat™, the goat must conform to the size and muscling criteria that she established, come from Onion Creek Ranch pedigreed lineage, and must be visually inspected and certified as Tennessee Meat Goats™ by a representative of Onion Creek Ranch.

Most Myotonic goats are small to medium-sized and seldom achieve more than 100 pounds mature weight. Some are muscled, but many of them are not. Many are pet-quality and not intended for meat production. In contrast, Tennessee Meat Goats™ are the result of selective breeding and heavy culling of large-framed, heavily-muscled fullblood Myotonic goats. Linebreeding is never utilized, because linebreeding results in the loss of both meat and hardiness. Only those animals who meet the criteria developed at Onion Creek Ranch will ever be called Tennessee Meat Goats™. Tennessee Meat Goats™ may be registered through Pedigree International in Humansville, Missouri. For additional information about Pedigree International, visit their website.

Onion Creek Ranch offers heavily-muscled, excellent conformation breeding stock goats for whom rapid weight gain is the norm at affordable prices. Our fullblood Tennessee Meat Goats™ have a substantial role to play in improving the American and international meat-goat industries.

Shipping is available at the buyer's expense. Air freight is seldom an option, but overland transport is offered by several livestock haulers, including Ron Keener of Austin, Texas. Ron makes multiple cross-country trips each year and may be contacted through his travel group Travel With Ron K on Yahoogroups for trip pricing and scheduling. Ron is an independent hauler who is not affiliated with Onion Creek Ranch. For information and pricing on Tennessee Meat Goats™, contact Suzanne W. Gasparotto at Onion Creek Ranch in Texas at 325-344-5775.


If it has MEAT on it, it has MYOTONIC in it.

BendingTree Ranch TexMaster Goats

Bending Tree Ranch Bucks for Sale in Arkansas


For these and other excellent
breeding bucks contact:

Pat Cotten
Bending Tree Ranch
located in Damascus, Arkansas

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Bending Tree Ranch Michigan, fullblood 2014 TexMaster™ buck


Bending Tree Ranch Silas, fullblood Myotonic TMG™ prospect 2014 buck



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