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Goat Management, Health, Nutrition

Suzanne W. Gasparotto, owner of Onion Creek Ranch in Texas, developer of both the Tennessee Meat Goat™ and the TexMaster™, and author of dozens of articles on meat goat health, nutrition, and management over the last 25+ years, is now offering individualized consultation services to goat raisers. Gasparotto is not a vet but does have extensive experience raising quality meat goats since 1990 and will tell you what she would do to solve a specific problem if the goats were hers.

Raising meat goats full time since January 1990, Gasparotto has a wealth of knowledge to apply to hands-on problems of individuals engaged in raising goats. Correct information on goats is hard to find. Few vets know anything about goats. Information on the Internet is often wrong. Proper management is 100% of raising goats.

Personal access to Gasparotto via cell phone, email, and text is available for $200 per year (only $16.67 per month) without limitation on number of contacts.

There are two ways to subscribe:

Mail a check or money order made payable to Suzanne W. Gasparotto to 300 Happy Ridge Rd, Briggs, Texas 78608


Download the CASH app to your phone from either the iPhone Store or the Google Play Store and using your debit card send $200.00 to $SuzanneGasparotto.

Send your contact information (cell phone, home phone, email address) via email to

People who have five goats or less who desire my help, please contact me at for how to sign up for my services on a case-by-case rather than annualized rate.

Suzanne Gasparotto, Onion Creek Ranch, Briggs, Texas 512.265.2090

Subject: Testimonial for consultation service

It’s been a few months since I signed up with Suzanne’s Consultation service, and it’s probably the best money I’ve spent yet on goat-related products or services, with the possible exception of Goat Camp.

As many people who reference Suzanne’s website have probably done, I was always meaning to sign up. Then one day I had a down buckling who sent us running to figure out what was wrong and what to do. Thinking we were sure to lose this little guy, I sent an urgent message to Suzanne, asking to register for the consultation service. In her refreshingly no-nonsense way, Suzanne guided us through an objective evaluation of what was going on with our buckling and recommended treatments. She helped us through our crisis immediately, not worrying about whether we had actually subscribed to the service yet or not. Thanks to her, Richie is still with us, butting heads with his buckling buddies.

The problem of raising goats is three-fold:

1) If you’re new to goats (meaning you’ve been doing it less than twenty years or so!) there is just too much that can go awry and too much to remember. It’s guaranteed that you’re doing something wrong, be it with feed, pasture, housing, population, bedding, medicine – or (most likely) all the above.

2) When YOUR beloved doe, kid or buckling gets sick, is laying on the ground unable to get up or crying in pain, you get upset! Even if you’ve read every goat-blog out there beginning to end, have all of the recommended ointments, elixirs and supplies lined up alphabetically in your shed and fridge, and watched a month’s worth of You-Tube videos, it's still difficult to take a calm, cool and collected approach to figuring out what to do. Something as simple as taking the goat’s temperature – a basic first step – may never cross your mind!

3) Having a vet who is willing to deal with goats, has some working knowledge of goats, understands goats, and actually practices within a driving distance that doesn’t require an overnight hotel stay, and will take your call is pretty rare. Suzanne takes care of all these issues. I’ve called Suzanne a few times since signing up with the consultation service, and I can’t express how valuable it has been knowing that we have an experienced, practical and knowledgeable friend to help us if (when!) we find ourselves out-matched.

She truly knows goats! She knows what questions to ask, what steps to take, keeps a realistic view of the situation, and provides practical advice. She responds quickly and follows up. She cares about your goats and about seeing a successful outcome. If you have goats and you are NOT a veterinarian, this is an invaluable service!

Deb Cook

Grumpy Goat Farm

4345 Dellos RdMorris IL. 60450


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