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ENTROPION (Eyelids turned under)

Entropion is a condition of the eye in which the lower lid or both eyelids are turned inward, causing the eyelashes to rub the cornea. Entropion is painful to the goat. It causes excessive tearing; matted and swollen eyes are the norm. Corneal ulceration or serious infection can result. Some researchers think it may be hereditary.

Congenital Entropion occurs in newborn and very young kids. Spastic Entropion is seen in older goats and can be the result of injury to the eyelid. Sometimes Entropion is mistaken for Pinkeye. A goat with what appears to be Pinkeye that is not clearing up after the rest of its herdmates have recovered may instead have Entropion.

Entropion is easily remedied. Without having to use sedatives, veterinarians can use surgical staples or wound clips on the eyelid to turn it back outward and hold it in place. The staples will fall out in a short time, having done their corrective job. Invasive surgery is usually not necessary. Antibiotic cream is applied for several days after the staples or clips are in place.

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