October 2009 Issue



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item2“Rain, Rain Go Away”………….. 2009 for Arkansas and other parts of the country has been wet, wet, wet and unusually cool. Day after day of rain brings on muddy conditions. Hoof scald, not to be mistaken for foot rot will rear its ugly head during such times.

Foot scald (interdigital dermatitis) is an infection of only F. necrophorum and is not contagious. It may appear contagious, however this is only because the environment is such (damp, muddy conditions) that more than one goat will get infected. (1)

Fusobacterium necrophorum is a normal inhabitant of the ruminant digestive tract and in wet weather may interact with another bacteria, Cornebacterium pyogenes, to produce foot scald, an infection of the skin between the toes. This infection sets up the foot for invasion by Bacteroides nodosus, which, working in conjunction with the Fusobacterium, produces the condition referred to as foot rot. (2) Today’s article will only expound on foot scald.

There are many treatments used by producers for scald. Ask any 10 producers and you are likely to get 10 different answers. I have found 3 that work the best for me. I will list them in the order of preference. Keep in mind that most products are NOT approved for use in goats and therefore you will have to use your own judgment on whether or not to use ANY product. Also, I receive NO rewards or discounts for mentioning these products.

item5#1 Thrush Buster by Mustad (this is a HORSE product) This product contains: water, isopropanal, formalin, P.V.P. iodine complex and gentian violet. Note: I have also mixed by own concoction using gentian violet and formalin with excellent results.

#2 Recipe:

1 cup water
2 quarts 91% rubbing alcohol
1 packet of Terramycin powder

item6Dissolve Terramycin powder in 1 cup water, then add alcohol. Trim hooves and spray between digits daily for 3-5 days.

#3 Doctor Naylor Hoof and Heel (11.2% Zinc Sulfate)
This product is labeled for use on goat

Pat Cotten 2009

1) Foot Rot and Foot Scald, J.L. Goetz, D.V.M. International SheepLetter
2) Control, Treatment and Elimination of Foot Rot from Sheep W. Dee Whittier and Steven H. Umberger, Virginia Tech Publication number Publication Number 410-028, August 1996

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