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Back in 1995, five years after I had begun raising fullblood Myotonics and about nine months after I bought Boers from New Zealand, I began to wonder what the big deal was about Boers as "meat" goats. My Myotonics had more meat on them and were much easier to manage, cheaper to feed, and had much less difficulty kidding. So I posed the following question to myself: Why can't I take the more heavily muscled fullblood Myotonic buck, breed him to a Boer doe, and start creating a MEAT goat with more of the meat that my Myotonics had and a bit faster growth rate offered by the Boer?

So in the summer of 1995, I started this multi-year process of creating the best commercial meat goat breed. I trademarked the name TexMaster™and the beginnings of a new breed was born.

NOTE: TexMasters™ are not simply a crossing of Myotonic and Boer. Producers cannot duplicate what I've done without spending many years of crossing, evaluating, re-crossing, re-evaluating, and heavily culling at every breeding. As a rule of thumb, a minimum of seven generations of breeding is required to develop an animal which breeds true. Breeding true means that the offspring consistently reproduce similar characteristics, i.e. they produce traits that are similar enough to be called a BREED. I have now been breeding TexMasters™ for 15 years. That's a whole lot of breedings and cullings.

The resulting TexMaster™ goat is significantly Myotonic; only Tennessee Meat Goat™ and OCR Myotonic bucks were used as foundation sires. Just enough Boer was used to put a slightly faster growth rate on the offspring. The precise amount of Myotonic to Boer is a secret known only to me.

The TexMaster™ breed retains the hardiness of the Myotonic influence with excellent mothering instincts, ease of kidding, lower maintenance and most importantly the higher meat-to-bone ratio.

If you desire to register these goats, Pedigree International operates the TexMaster™ registry.

TexMasters™ are in use in large commercial herds throughout this country. Go to www.texmastermeatgoats.com to read testimonials to this fine breed.

If you are interested in buying TexMasters™, contact Suzanne W. Gasparotto or Pat Cotten. OCR Marketing Director Pat Cotten is located at Bending Tree Ranch in Arkansas at btrocr@cyberback.com or call Pat at 1-501-581-5700. Suzanne can be reached at onioncreek@tennesseemeatgoats.com or call 1-325-344-5775. If you can't reach one of us, contact the other. We are in contact daily, share information about all inquiries, and work together to fill orders.

texteaser1 Suzanne W. Gasparotto
Onion Creek Ranch
TexMaster™ Meat Goats


Example of TexMaster™ does at Onion Creek Ranch


Mineral deficiencies? Consider using Mineral Max aka MultiMin. This product provides a concentrated dosage of zinc, manganese, selenium, and copper in slow release form. It is available only through veterinarians.

Bending Tree Ranch Murphy
TexMaster™ buck

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BendingTree Ranch TexMaster Goats

TexMaster™ Meat Goat 2011 bucklings
available at Bending Tree Ranch in Arkansas

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For more information contact :

Pat Cotten 501-581-5700
Bending Tree Ranch
Located near Greenbrier, AR

For day to day happenings at Bending Tree Ranch visit us at our blog: www.goattails.com

Bending Tree Ranch Matlock, sire-BTR Clark Gable $500.00


More available TexMasters™ can be seen at:


Bending Tree Ranch Kaston, sire-BTR What-Ever $500.00



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