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Exporting livestock outside the USA is subject to a myriad of rules which are constantly changing and affected by political considerations. Protectionism of local agriculture is a factor (France). Differing political perspectives among governments exist (European Union vs USA). The bureaucracy is complex, the rules are confusing and contradicting, and the time involved can seem unending.

I've exported directly and I've used professional livestock exporters. Always take the latter route -- the livestock exporter. He has the necessary political contacts, he knows the ever-changing and often illogical rules, and the buyer pays his fees. At any given time, there are dozens of countries that will not accept livestock exports from America. Professional livestock exporters have this information at hand.

Always get your payment in full upfront in American dollars -- before the first goat leaves your property. Reputable professional livestock exporters will handle this for you, including currency exchanges and wiring your funds directly into your bank account. Oftentimes you never communicate with the buyer. This is good.

Be especially careful when selling to governmental entities or anyone else who wants to use Letters of Credit or Purchase Orders rather than hard American currency. Letters of credit may allow the buyer to change his mind mid-purchase. Purchase orders allow the buyer to take possession of your goats and pay you later -- perhaps much later. Some governments and bureaucratic institutions like universities are slow to pay their bills. Some foreign governments are just plain corrupt. If your goats are out of your jurisdiction, legal recourse can range from very expensive to impossible.

Many other complications can occur. If the order for goats includes buying from multiple purchasers and the livestock exporter cannot fill the order in the time allotted, the deal can fall apart at the last minute because not enough goats have been contracted to make efficient use of costly transportation like 747 jumbo jets. If you haven't gotten your money upfront, your out-of-pocket costs for veterinary fees for health papers, USDA export/import documents, and breed registration forms will fall upon you. Goats that you might have been able to sell to other buyers will remain unsold on your farm.

A reputable livestock exporter will be able to advise you of all of these pitfalls and will work to protect you from them. There are many more areas of concern for which the livestock exporter will earn the money paid to him. Seller Beware is the best advice I can give you.

Suzanne W. Gasparotto
Onion Creek Ranch

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If you are raising goats in an area that is very dry and/or hot, you might want to use oxytetracycline 200 mg/ml (LA 200 or generic equivalent) on a piece of gauze between the goat's toes or Thrush Buster rather than Formalin. Formalin can make hooves hard in certain climates.

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