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Joint Ill (also known as navel Ill) occurs when bacteria travels up a newborn kid's wet navel cord and migrates to its (usually) leg joints. Joint Ill is positively correlated with the kid's getting an insufficient amount of colostrum at birth. When a kid is born, it has no immune system and is dependent upon the antibodies in its dam's colostrum for protection against infection.

Joint Ill can show up within a few days of birth to up to as much as two months of age if bacteria is harbored in the body and then stress (such as severe weather change or wormload) causes it to be activated. Over a period of days or weeks, the kid begins to limp as joints swell. Antibiotic treatment is required, is usually long term (weeks rather than days), and the kid may have life-long residual effects from the infection. Arthritis may develop as the kid gets older. The only antibiotic that I have found that kills the bacteria that causes Joint Ill is the prescription injectible Baytril 100. This antibiotic kills organisms that other antibiotics do not affect. Baytril 100 usage is restricted in food animals in some locales due to withdrawal times and lack of extensive testing for residual medication in the meat, so consult your vet for a prescription.

Avoid Joint Ill by dipping the kid's wet navel cord immediately after birth in a strong iodine solution -- all the way up to its body -- and making sure that the kid gets sufficient colostrum within its first twelve hours of life. My rule of thumb for adequacy colostrum consumption in that time frame is about one ounce per pound of bodyweight.

Suzanne W. Gasparotto Onion Creek Ranch Texas 4/3/14

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Goat Camp™ 2014

Taking reservations for
Goat Camp™ 2014
Oct 27-30, 2014
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The Ranch is FOR SALE!


Onion Creek Ranch™ WILL CONTINUE breeding superior meat goat genetics and holding GoatCamp™ annually but we are ready for another move. The current ranch property is for sale.

On 271 acres in McCulloch County near Lohn north of Brady, Texas sits a breeders paradise. This fully developed ranch is divided into over 30 traps and pastures, the largest of which is 24 acres. All pastures connect to the working pens via lanes for easy working of the livestock. Each pasture has a metal loafing shed numbered by pasture. Each pen and pasture is watered by Miraco automatic-fill water troughs fed from the Hickory Aquifer well located in the center of the ranch. The Hickory well is 2800 feet deep and rated for 100 GPM. There are three other wells on the ranch. A 40 KW diesel generator automatically provides electricity when there is a power failure and cuts off when power returns.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND PHOTOS visit the Realtor's site.


new house at Onion Creek Ranch

Vet Building at Onion Creek Ranch

BendingTree Ranch TexMaster Goats

These are just a sampling of the TexMaster™ kids born in early 2014. We will have both Myotonic and TexMaster™ kids available. Also some breeding aged bucks and does of both breeds. Reserve your choice now before someone else beats you to them. Be watching our website at ww.bendingtreeranch.com for a complete listing on available kids and adults. Additions are made weekly.


Abigail doe-available

Clarabelle doe-available


Collette bucklings-one reserved, one sale pending

item12 item8

Misty bucks….left one available

Nora buck-available

These are just a few on the 2014 TexMaster kids available for purchasing. I will start weaning a small group this month. Reserve yours now.

We are also downsizing our Myotonic herd. I plan to sell a minimum of 50 does, from yearling up to some of my older TMG™ does. I will make package deals on the Myotonics with a purchase of 5 or more. Motivated to sell in larger groups. Plus, we have a lovely 2014 kid crop that will soon be of age to start weaning.

Pat Cotten
Bending Tree Ranch
located near Greenbrier, Arkansas


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