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At the original Ranch near Buda, Texas, Onion Creek Ranch created the Tennessee Meat Goat™ by selectively breeding fullblood Myotonic goats. Taking the largest and most heavily-muscled fullblood Myotonic goats from each generation and breeding them to unrelated fullblood Myotonics to emphasize muscle content and frame size, we developed quality herd sires and dams that serious producers need to improve their stock.

The only meat goat developed without dairy influence, this improved Myotonic goat stands head and shoulders above its ancestry.


Myotonia, the inherited neuro-muscular condition which causes these goats to stiffen and sometimes fall over when startled, is the reason for the heavy muscling in fullblood Tennessee Meat Goats™. The constant contraction and relaxation of these muscles as fullblood Tennessee Meat Goats™ grow results in very tender meat. The stiffness in no way results in tough meat, but rather just the opposite! These goats simply carry more muscle in relationship to their gross weight. Research done at Virginia State University reveals a meat-to-bone ratio of 4:1, significantly higher than other breeds. Dr. Lou Nuti of Prairie View A&M University's International Goat Research Center north of Houston, Texas, has completed research proving a 6% to 10% greater meat yield is achieved by using a Myotonic buck on other-breed does. This means less waste and more money in the producer's pocket.

Tennessee Meat Goat™ buck

Onion Creek Ranch BUCK. Side and rear view of heavy muscling of fullblood Tennessee Meat Goat™ buck


Tennessee Meat Goat™ does at Onion Creek Ranch

Tennessee Meat Goats™ and TexMasters™ are the cream of the meat goat industry. Contact us for availability, ages and pricing by calling 325-344-5775 or emailing onioncreek@tennesseemeatgoats.com


Tennessee Meat Goats™ come in many color combinations; black and white occurs frequently, but other colors include solid tan, tan and white, all white, black, and roan. Bucks and does continue growing until they achieve full maturity at four years of age.

Does are easy kidders and excellent mothers. Year-round (aseasonal) breeders, Tennessee Meat Goat™ does normally have multiple births, and a 200% kidding ratio is not uncommon. Well-attached compact udders produce milk "on demand." Research completed at Virginia State and Virginia Tech universities has revealed these durable, self-sufficient pasture animals to be more parasite resistant than other breeds.


Tennessee Meat Goat™ does at Onion Creek Ranch

Tennessee Meat Goat™ Buck
OCR Tennessee Meat Goat™
OCR Tennessee Meat Goat™
OCR Tennessee Meat Goat™

---------------OCR Louie-----------------
R.I.P. 1987-2003 Fullblood Tennessee Meat Goat™ buck


OCR Victor
Fullblood Tennessee Meat Goat™ buck
(OCR Louie son)

R.I.P. 3/15/01 - 8/1/12



All fullblood Tennessee Meat Goats™ are Myotonic, but few Myotonics can qualify to be called Tennessee Meat Goats™.

We coined the name Tennessee Meat Goat™ in early 1995 and trademarked it to describe those goats of the Myotonic breed developed at Onion Creek Ranch which are both heavily muscled and large framed. To be a Certified Authentic fullblood Tennessee Meat Goat™, an animal must conform to the size and muscling criteria that we have established, come from Onion Creek Ranch pedigreed lineage, and must be visually inspected and certified as Tennessee Meat Goats™ by a representative of Onion Creek Ranch.

Most typical Myotonic goats are small to medium-sized and seldom achieve more than 100 pounds mature weight. Some are muscled, but many of them are not. Most are pet-quality animals not suitable for meat-goat production. In contrast, Tennessee Meat Goats™ are the result of selective breeding and heavy culling of large-framed, heavily-muscled Myotonic goats. Only those animals who meet the criteria developed at Onion Creek Ranch will ever be called Tennessee Meat Goats™.

Tennessee Meat Goats™ are registered through Pedigree International in Humansville, Missouri. For additional information about Pedigree International, visit their website. We offer heavily-muscled, excellent conformation goats for whom rapid weight gain is the norm . . . and at affordable prices. Both our fullblood Tennessee Meat Goats™ and our TexMasters™ have a substantial role to play in improving the American and international meat-goat industries.

Shipping is available by air or by overland transport. Air freight is available via domestic and international airlines. Overland transport is offered by livestock hauler Ron Keener of Austin, Texas. Ron makes multiple cross-country trips each year and may be contacted through his website for trip pricing and trip scheduling. Mr. Keener is not affiliated with Onion Creek Ranch and is an independent hauler. For information and pricing on animals, use the email link at right for Onion Creek Ranch or give us a call.

Tennessee Meat Goats™ or TexMasters™
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Put MEAT on your does' offspring by using bucks from Onion Creek Ranch.


Tennessee Meat Goats™ and TexMasters™ are the cream of the meat goat industry. Contact us for availability, ages and pricing by calling 325-344-5775 or emailing onioncreek@tennesseemeatgoats.com

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BTR Nikon, 5 yr old
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